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Episode 37: Part 4 of “The Imposter’s Koan Drill

Koan Medibating

“You see” said Pfeffer, “the premise makes

no sense yet it produces thought.

Your thoughts are as valid as

the next person’s.

Your thoughts,

however, are







Only then will we be able to state

our corporate culture in terms

that we can all understand

and agree on.

(Pfeffer then repeated the Koan)

“The CEO was approached by an apprentice toolmaker

who asked ‘How they hangin’?’

The CEO smiled and said

‘They aren’t.’”


The moose stated his thoughts.

“The toolmaker apprentice

does not hang people;

therefore no one

is hanging.”


The beaver then spoke up.

“The CEO can not make a

commitment; therefore

we should not expect

the CEO to take a

leadership position

on how they




The fish could not voice

his thoughts because

he could not stop



Henry finally said “Well, I dress to

the left and therefore if I was the

CEO I would have said

‘to the left’.”


Brad then stated his position.

“I wear tighty-whities

and they don’t hang

– – – – so I could be

the CEO.”


Lola quickly jumped in and said

“Brad, you could be wearing

 ———not a thing ——–

and they still wouldn’t

be hanging.”


Brad’s face turned a bright red.

He quickly rose to his feet

and departed

the meeting.


After the door closed Myrtle stated his viewpoint.

“The CEO has been castrated

and therefore must reply

as he did – – –

‘They aren’t’.”


“Oh my God” shouted out Alex

directly at Pfeffer,

“You are the CEO.

You can’t possibly

be hanging.”


Pfeffer took a step backward,

surprised that Alex had

guessed its secret.

Soon a wicked

grin crossed

its face.


Myrtle and Alex looked at each other

across the table but no words

were spoken.


Pfeffer immediately adjourned the meeting.

Alex copyright