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Episode 38:      “Ά  ≠   Ω

Truth and lies

The forging works were crude at first,

But for precision work there was a thirst,

Forging wrenches; a thing of the past,

Precision machining arrived at last.


The works grew cleaner; smoked less too,

Master mechanics and engineers, a few,

Built mechanical calculators; precise to a “t,”

That counted the census (that’s you and me).


Electron tube, conductor, logical gate,

Were the next step (and luckily, not too late),

Floating point logorithms repeatedly executed,

Algorithms performed, ever so convoluted.


Nerds designed logic, geeks wrote code,

Serial, overlapping and parallel mode,

Managers exhorting, fomenting, cajoling,

Workers aped them with eyes ever rolling.


Top management aloof, arrogant and haughty,

Insider trading, stock options and naughty,

Behind the scenes playboys a’sailing,

While stockholders were increasingly wailing.


The CEO was laying blame at the feet,

Of the workers who were taking the heat,

Without whining (not like leadership ‘on high’),

They took the layoffs without hardly a sigh.


“Not my fault, uh-uh, not me, not me,

Cried the executive levels; one, two and three,

Until the obvious reasons; illuminated bright,

Then they were gone in the middle of the night.

Alex copyright