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Episode 39:   Part 1 of “Who Ate the Danish?”

“Consider your verdict” the King said to the jury.

“Not yet, not yet!” the rabbit hastily interrupted. “There’s a great deal to come before that.”

L. Carroll     “Who Stole the Tarts?”

Who stole the tarts

Pfeffer called another meeting but no one knew what the purpose was.


It was another of those meetings that Alex hated;

the kind that ate up tons and tons of time,

the kind where the very incompetent,

had very much to say about nothing,

the kind where erroneous decisions

were apparently made for

the almost right reasons,

the kind where groups

thought in parallel

which created an

atmosphere where

one’s dissention

wasn’t the least



Pfeffer had not yet arrived

so various beings attempted

to grab some



During the meeting Henry exerted his

pseudo importance by demanding

to know who entered

the meeting room



The basis for his demand was his perception

that someone had eaten all the creame-filled

Danish before the others had arrived.

Henry huffed and puffed and

interjected power words like

“Indeed” and the phrase

“How dare you?”


He believed that these comments

gave strength to his argument.


Myrtle finally spoke up to inform Henry

that he, Myrtle, CFO, had signed

and distributed a memo

weeks ago.


The memo stated that “meeting food” would be limited

to plain and sugared doughnuts.

Danish and other pastries

were no longer to be

purchased due to the

austerity budget

the corporation

was on.


“Do more with less”, “Walk the talk” blubbered the fish from his bowl.


The beaver, who had been sharpening his large teeth

on an aluminum chair leg, stood up – – – straight.

It was a three-point support system; his two legs

and one cross-hatched tail giving him stability.

(with the tail doing most of the work).

“Wait a second there Bub” he stated directly at Myrtle.

“Do you think that not having pastries at an

important meeting such as this will save

our company from bankruptcy?”


“The tag is Myrtle, not ‘Bub’, an’ the green

ain’t the point; the message be the point”

responded the CFO.


“Point of order. Let it be noted. Table the pastries” cried out the fish.

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