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Episode 40:   Part 2 of “Who Ate the Danish?”


moose loves the queen


Apparently the discussion about “Danish or Doughnuts” was over.

The moose felt that he, also, had to be heard.

Something had been rattling around

in his head; however, he could not

form it into concise thoughts.

Finally he bellowed out

“We need to form a group,

a secret society. We need

to do this for our own



If we say it is a ‘service organization’ maybe

we can even enhance our power.

We will need secret signals,

phrases and handshakes.”


Brad looked at the moose and asked

“What is that on your antlers?”


Only Brad had noticed the two pieces of clothing

stretched across the wide beams of the moose.

Once it had been called to their attention

everyone sat staring at the clothing.

There was a yellow tutu with an

attached T-top. It was bedecked

with chartreuse sequins.

The other piece was a

full length gown,

red in color and

black sequins

were sewn in




“Oh my” said the moose as he,

apparently embarrassed,

quickly reached up to

remove the two pieces

of clothing.

Purple Moosse



He was about to hide them behind him

when the Coquettish Round Queen

walked in the door.

“Oh there they are”

he said reaching for

the clothes.


“I hung them there last night to dry”

he lamely added.


Everyone was looking at the queen

and then shifted their gaze

to the moose.


“What?” asked the moose

(to everyone and no one)

as if he did not understand

what they were



“I have never been so humiliated in my life”

screamed Lola. “I thought we had

a commitment” she said to the

queen as she stomped

out of the room.





Alex copyright