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Episode 41:   Part 3 of “Who Ate the Danish?”


Alex head in hands





Everything became very quiet at this meeting with no purpose.

Alex sat at the table with his head in his hands.

The beaver went back to gnawing

on the chair leg.


Brad grabbed a sugar doughnut and threw it

forcefully into the fish bowl.

Myrtle was diligently

doodling nothing and

Henry was busy

adjusting the

knot on his




The moose smiled knowingly at the queen.

The queen didn’t seem to notice

because he was trying to pull his

Lycra hip-huggers up to

a position just below

the navel.


It was a useless struggle due to

the rolls of fat he had

to deal with.


Pfeffer finally arrived at the meeting

and seeing the chaos stated

“In conclusion

I make a



Henry followed without waiting

for the motion to be defined.

“I second it” he officiously



The fish stuck his sugar coated soggy face

out of the bowl and stated

in a confident voice

“Meeting adjourned.”


Everyone departed agreeing that it had been

one of the best and most productive meetings

that had occurred in a long time.

Well – – – – almost everyone.

Alex and Myrtle

walked away






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