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Episode 42:   Part 1 of “Alex’s Relevance”


“‘What do you know about this business?’ said the King to Alice.

‘Nothing’ said Alice.

‘Nothing whatever?’ persisted the King.

‘Nothing whatever’ said Alice.

‘That’s very important’ the King said, turning to the jury.”

L. Carroll     “Alice’s Evidence”

King of arrogance




Alex had arrived at the lab with little relevance.

After several years his relevance

remained negligible.

He had learned

a lot and put it

all into



(That was sufficient in his eyes.)


Regardless of his lack of fame,

Alex found himself in the

CEO’s office.


Pfeffer, once it had accidentally

outed itself as CEO,

had called this



Alex was the first one to enter the office.

Pfeffer was sitting behind

a simple birch desk.

It/she told Alex that

there would be

three more




the CFO, the head of Human Resources

and the VP of purchasing.

She then added, as an

afterthought, that the

corporate lawyer

would also be



Alex remarked “Quite an all-star cast.

What am I doing here?”

We will determine that

as the meeting





Alex waited patiently as Pfeffer silently

read some documents that were

on its desk.


Only a minute or two had elapsed

before wing-tipped Henry,

ponytailed Brad and

luscious Lola

walked in

and took




Brad did not take his seat immediately.

He had his pal, the fish, with him

and he carefully placed

the bowl on Pfeffer’s

desk before sitting.


“We are all here” stated Pfeffer

“so let’s not waste

more time.”


“We have not wasted ANY time”

retorted Henry as he removed

an unnoticeable piece of lint

from his blue serge suit.

“We just arrived.”

empty suit


Pfeffer stared at Henry with its

beady black eyes but

 it said nothing.


Henry soon realized that he had

violated one of the unspoken

(and surely unwritten)

protocols of the




“The CEO is always right, by definition.”

The other people in the room

wisely chose to remain




Alex copyright