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Episode 42:   Part 2 of “Alex’s Relevance”


Alex was the first person

(or fish)

in the room to break

the silence.


“Where is the CFO? I don’t see Myrtle here.” he said.

“There have been some changes”

Pfeffer replied to

Alex’s concern.


“Myrtle is no longer CFO. I have

replaced him with Brad.”

Pony tail cartoon


“Henry has replaced me

as head of

Human Resources.”

Man in blue serge 2

“AND – – –

Lola is now VP of Purchasing.”

Lola purchasing

Alex immediately realized that he had a very

questionable future within the company.

He inadvertently let out an

audible moan and twitched

in his chair.


“Where is the corporate lawyer

that you said would be here?”

he quickly asked.


The fish glared at Alex.

His fins were on

his hips and he

was bubbling




Pfeffer spoke up. “The fish is our corporate lawyer.

Now let us get on with the business at hand.

Lola has informed me that you, Alex,

signed a contract with a

subcontractor from



Is this



Alex told her it was true. “Yes I did.

Alex copyright