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Episode 44:   Part 3 of “Alex’s Relevance”

Handastania Software



Alex stood in front of Pfeffer answering questions

about a contract with a software company

in Handastania.

He spoke;


“They are the only software company

in the world that is proficient

at writing apps in object

oriented Handastaneise

C++++  Visual



“Is it also true that you did not consult

the corporate lawyer before signing

the contract?”




Alex looked at the fish, smiled and

shrugged his shoulders.

He said nothing

because nothing

logical could

be said.


“I’m a professional and you

avoided my advice”

whined the



“I never asked for your advice,

and, in retrospect,

I therefore did not

avoid it” said Alex



“It’s the same thing – avoided – never asked.

What difference does it make?” retorted

the fish-lawyer. And then

without provocation the

fish continued:


“Obfuscate – delay, obfuscate – delay,

This is surely the only way,

That we can professionally work,

We smile in front, behind we smirk.


Obfuscate – delay, obfuscate – delay,

This is the process making up my day,

When you are confused and don’t understand,

I am pleased as punch and give you my hand.


Obfuscate – delay, obfuscate – delay,

That is how, I gather my pay,

Build up high, those billable hours,

Possibly earn a judge-ship, unalienable powers.”


Alex copyright