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Episode 45:   Part4 of “Alex’s Relevance”

After the fish was silent, for a minute or so, Henry

(the new head of Human Resources which I had just informed you about two days ago)

asked Alex if he had consulted Human

Resources about dealing with

a foreign sub-contractor.

Empty  suit 2

Alex answered sarcastically

“No. What valued advice

could you have possibly

given me regarding

a sub-contractor?”


Henry’s face turned a bright red as he realized

that there was absolutely no advice that he

could have offered to Alex.

After stammering and

hurrummphing for

a few seconds

Henry finally



“Well, it is a good thing you didn’t ask me

for advice or I would have had

to fire you.”


With that, Henry smiled, convinced that

he had won the argument and

leaned back in a self-satisfied



Brad was too busy to pay much attention

to what was being said. He had seen

his reflection on a window pane

and was flexing his biceps

for himself

to admire.


When he wasn’t admiring his biceps

he moved on to flexing his abs

and rubbing his hand over

his own stomach in full

satisfaction with



Pfeffer interrupted Brad’s narcissism

with a question.

Alex copyright