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Episode 46:   Part5 of “Alex’s Relevance”

Pfeffer continued by questioning Brad

about the Handastania

software contract.


“Did Alex consult your financial organization

before signing the




Deeply involved in his own self love

Brad was caught quite off guard.

He simply stared at Pfeffer until

his brain kicked back in.

He then said “Why yes

– – – – – I mean no

– – – – – do you mean

in the last week?

Uh – – why – –




What do you consider the definition of ‘consulting’?

He may have phoned us. I can check the phone log.

On the other hand we may have destroyed the log

when we shredded all the other records.”


“Shredded what records?” demanded Pfeffer.


“Well – – – – the ones that the fish-lawyer

told us to shred” he replied while

trying to share the blame

about something that

Pfeffer apparently


a mistake.


Once again the fish interrupted with:


“Delay, make chad, Delay, make chad,

That is what we demanded of Brad,

He shredded all night, to hide and conspire,

And then his shredder burst into fire.


Burn and shred, Burn and shred,

That is the only advice that was said,

If anyone attempted to obfuscate,

It was not I, corporate lawyer of late.


Kiss and burn, kiss and burn,

Every so often it was Lola’s turn,

To join in destruction of documental,

Information, feloniously monumental.”

Alex copyright