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Episode 47:   Part 6 of “Alex’s Relevance”

Angry Pfeffer

“I don’t need any more of this idiocy”

stated Pfeffer, quickly adding,

“I want to hear nothing more

from finance or legal.

Is that clear?”


It must have been clear because the fish

and Brad both remained in their chairs

(or bowls)

with downcast eyes.


Of course Brad trembled more than the fish.


Pfeffer demanded that Lola explain

“what this shredding was all about?”


Still not sure

(or discriminating about Pfeffers gender)

Lola batted those

big long eyelashes at it.

She rose from her chair,

adjusted her overly tight garters,

and sauntered over to Pfeffer’s desk.


“Well dear,” Lola purred,

“I really have nothing to say

about the shredding. I just happened

to be walking past Brad’s office late one evening

when I noticed his lights were still on. My intention

was to turn them off because I thought that they

were accidentally left on. Well – – – Brad

was busy in the office; doing what,

we never know. We talked for

a few minutes and spent

some time together;

doing what I’ll

surely never


And that

is all I




“All you can say? All you can remember?

Or all you care to divulge?”

asked Pfeffer.


“All the above” answered Lola.

She was batting her

false eyelashes

so hard that

one of them

flew off and

landed in

the fish


Alex copyright