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Episode 48:   Part 7 of “Alex’s Relevance”

“How about you Henry?

What do you know

about this





“Oh, dear me” stated Henry.

“I don’t get involved in

that sort of thing,

you know.”

Blueserge 2

Henry continued;


“My main focus is on ordering flowers

for the sick and bereaved,

doing interviews,

signing papers

and such

as that.”


Pfeffer jumped up from its chair in a fit of anger

at the incompetence of all the newly appointed.

In doing so its knees caught the edge

of the desk tipping it enough

so that the fish bowl

slid off and crashed

to pieces on the



As Brad and Henry scampered in search for

some way to save the fish, Lola lovingly

took Pfeffer by the arm and walked

out the door.


Surprisingly, Pfeffer went

without a peep

of resistance.


Pfeffer had placed its hand on Lola’s tush.


Alex was very pleased to see the focus of the meeting

shift from him to some obscure shredding party.

He immediately went to Myrtle’s office

and related what had happened

at the meeting.


Myrtle verified that he had been booted

out of the CFO position

just that morning.


They both quit the company.

(Don’t be so quick to close the book. There is at least one more episode, thank you very much.)

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