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Dream Image

There is a river, a very large river, where I fulfilled several mentionable and unmentionable boyhood duties. But we should not delve into those events because they are not part of the dream; however, the river is. The river flows north to south for the most part. Due to the lay of the nearby hills the larger streams feeding the river tend to flow from the west.

However, there is one large stream that flows from the east. This is the scene of my dream.

This stream is quite steep. The banks are loaded with clay and small pebbles created by the glaciers. Therefore there are no large boulders in the stream. The banks are lined with trees and brush. There is one tree whose roots remain buried in the bank. However, erosion has loosened them and the tree has fallen into the stream. Only a few branches are under water. This tree is located in the largest bend in the stream. The stream eventually reaches an old flood plain. At this point the stream slows down considerably. It then enters the river.

The river ambles along at its own pace. There are boys playing and fishing on the river. They pay no attention to the stream; at first.

I have walked up to the top of the hill and stand next to the stream. For a change I have a bathing suit on (most boys swimming in a remote river do not bother with accoutrements).

Once I gather courage I wade into the stream and throw myself forward; head first.  It is not really a dive but more of a launch. I am now going down the hill with the stream. I pick up speed and attempt to remember to keep my body arrow like; stiff and level with the trajectory. My arms are out front to maintain my trajectory. My speed continues to increase and I get both excited and anxious as I approach the bend that holds the tree. It is the most dangerous part of my ride. I do my best to hug the bottom to avoid the tree branches. As I swoop under them the current takes me on my left hand turn around the bend. SAFE! The ride’s most dangerous spot has been passed. It is all a free ride from here to the bottom; an additional several minutes added to my watery trip.  I have lived! And now I am able to give my long ride another try.

I have reached the slow part of the stream and stand up. The river is very near. Boys play and fish on the main river; until they see me pop up out of the stream. They come over to see what I was doing. I tell them. They don’t believe me. Several of them follow me up the path as I walk to the top of the hill. There I repeat the adventure; my own personal flume.

I don’t know if any of the other boys tried it or not.

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