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I find myself looking across a wide field. Sometimes it is just a field and at other times it is littered with odds and ends – – – here and there. Far away, on the opposite end of the field I see old buildings. They are finely architected and almost appear to be a movie set because they are so far away, so old, yet a really beautiful set of buildings.

I trek across the field for a better vantage point. The buildings appear to be little used and dusty. I would like to say dirty because old buildings are not dusty. But these buildings are not dirty – – – just dusty.

I walk between some buildings and am standing in the middle of what appears to be Main Street. The street has no beginning and no end. It exists only between the buildings and does not go beyond the last one – – – or the first one. As I stand in the street the buildings on my left are all old homes. Most have mansard style roofs and some have small dormers with a single window. On my right are apartments. These are also very old in style but not as old as the single family homes. These apartments are made of brick and have four or five steps leading up to the first floor.

There are no people in the buildings, around the buildings or in the street.

It feels very eerie; and so I leave. I walk between two apartment houses and walk across the field to my starting point. When I arrive I find something that I did not notice before.

There is a sidewalk alongside a stream. It is not a stream that I would ever fish in. This stream is bounded on both sides and the bottom by concrete work. There is a small amount of water in it – – – along with a moderate amount of trash. There are footbridges that span the stream. They are spaced randomly. Across the stream there is a strange city. It is more of a carnival or a city like you would find on a boardwalk; except there is no boardwalk. The businesses or attractions are on both sides of a paved street.

I hear no music and see no people. However, it appears that there has been activity there recently. It is not dirty or dusty or abandoned. This city is also quite eerie and I chose not to cross any of the random bridges to visit it.

And those are the two cities.

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