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Sandbank on Lake


I park the car and hike along a lake bed with my fishing pole. Eventually a tall bank of earth forces me to leave the shore and climb up on the plateau. From there I follow the edge of the lake. The walk along the lake is enjoyable and I am in no hurry to get anyplace because I have no goal in mind.

Soon I have my backpack on and am walking up a steep logging road surrounded by mixed hardwoods, hemlocks and pines. I follow this road for eight or ten miles uphill. I enjoy the walk despite the length. In fact I am enjoying the trek because I realize not many other people are going to go to that length just to get to a good fishing spot.

At the top there is a cabin waiting for me. There are other cabins with signs of other people staying there; sleeping bags, etc. but no one is there.

I don’t remember fishing but I do remember walking back down the mountain in a very satisfied manner.


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