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Game map city


I am driving in a foreign city.

It is either in Germany or France.

 I am headed for Germany if I am in France or France if I am in Germany.

Sometimes I am headed for Italy.

The streets are wide and wind around. They are surrounded by business buildings such as banks and hotels. There are narrower roads that branch left and right. I must find my way through all these roads in order to reach my destination.

My vantage point is high above the roads. As I watch my car and try to direct myself left or right the whole scene appears to take on the appearance of a game-board layout.

There is never an end to this dream. It simply fades away – – – after a over-sufficient amount of angst.

(Additional dreams will be published in the following days. In the meantime you may check out my books – – HERE – – if you wish.)

§©♠ w. tomosky