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Strange lathe

I am working in my office.

I have to learn how to use a machine with an alphanumeric identification; possibly 127-3N or something on that order. It is a hydraulic version of an old mechanical machine. It might be a printer.

After some time I realize it is a hydraulic lathe for spinning large flat pieces of metal – – – aluminum or brass, I am not sure which.

It is the fastest lathe in existence and it sets at an angle. The faceplate that holds the work-piece is also at an angle. It rests on three legs. A very small motor behind the faceplate is supported by three legs and drives the faceplate.

The work-piece is attached with two sided tape.

I am using it to spin a sheet metal bowl. I use a hardwood tool that looks like the end of an overly large drumstick – – – no, not a chicken drumstick – – – that would be a very strange dream – – – just a drumstick that a percussionist would use to play a drum with.

Someone has left a worn work-piece on the floor. It has holes in it.


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