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(or – – -The State of Corruption – – – a daydream)

Sea Robbers

They are not just Sea-Robbers – – – they are tax-robbers, job-robbers and enthusiasm-robbers. They are the politicians of New York State. They are – – – what can I say – – – just plain robbers.


They have stolen people’s property and people’s spirit.


I have often wondered about how this all happened. But then I ran across this information and decided it was an inherent flaw within the state of New York.


I believe that Governor Fletcher started the practice of – – – well, allow me the pleasure of turning the story over to the press – – – who has told it quite well over the centuries.

Introducing Thomas Tew

Governor Fletcher on windowsill

Tew and the Gov

And with that – – – the die was set. Never again were the politics of New York State to be honorable, trustworthy, transparent or honest.


You don’t believe me? Well maybe you will believe the National Public Radio.


If any broadcasting system would cover up political misdoings it would be NPR; but look at what they have to say about New York State.

NY Most Corrupt State

New York  (from Wikipedia)

  • New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi (D), was convicted on charges surrounding a “pay to play” scheme regarding the New York State Pension Fund, and was sentenced to 1–4 years.      (2011)
  • Minority  Leader of the New York State Senate John L. Sampson (D), convicted of embezzlement, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.
  • State Senator Shirley Huntley (D), convicted of mail fraud (2013)
  • Majority Leader of the New York State Senate Pedro Espada Jr. (D) On May 14, 2012 a federal jury found Espada guilty of embezzling money from federally funded healthcare clinics, after 11      days of deliberation.
  • State Senator Nicholas Spano (R), in 2012 Spano was indicted for Federal Income    Tax evasion. Spano pleaded guilty to the single felony. He admitted that he underreported his income — $42,419 in federal income taxes and $10,605      in state taxes — from 2000 to 2008. He is to be sentenced to 12 to 18 months in Federal Prison in June 2012.
  • State Senator Carl Kruger (D) resigned his seat and pled guilty to charges of      corruption and bribery. (2011)
  • State Senator Kevin Parker (D), Parker was convicted of a misdemeanor charge, criminal mischief, and on March 21, 2011 was sentenced  to three years’ probation and a $1,000 fine for attacking a New York Post photographer and damaging the photographer’s camera and car door.
  • President of the New York City council Andrew Stein (D) was convicted of tax evasion regarding a Ponzi scheme in November 2010.
  • New York City Council member Larry Seabrook (D) On February 9, 2010, a      federal grand jury indicted Seabrook on 13 counts of money laundering, extortion, and fraud. Seabrook was convicted on 9 charges in July 2012.


I have a dream today – – – I have a dream that one day every valley will be free of graft, every hill will be controlled by its legal owner, not the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. I have a dream that the Adirondack Mountains will really belong to the people – – – and not special interest pseudo academic groups who keep the people at bay.


I have a dream that the rough cultures of our low information voters will be raised up, that the mild mannered voters will speak up, that the crooked halls of our legislature will straighten up and the glory of our state will become real – – – for all to see.


This is my hope, this is my dream, this is my faith – – – that the people of New York State will hew out the corrupt.


With this faith we will be able to transform our political body and shake the despair from our hearts, the discord of Albany and New York City being congenitally joined – – – and that we work together to change this state into a symphony of honesty.


This is my dream – – – that we can stand up together and have a healthy upstate economy.


If all this fails and my dream never ripens – – – then cut New York City from the mainland and send it to Europe – – – or send it out to sea where it can encounter the ghost of Thomas Tew.

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