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Image from Vector Art

Image from Vector Art

I don’t have anything cerebral to say or emotional to add.

This series of posts will be about men who wish to trade the excitement of daily life for the excitement of:

1.      Falling out of a canoe

2.      Having ice-cold water flow over their boot-tops and drizzle down their legs

3.      Enjoy the sight of wild beasts eating all their camp food.

4.      Having a hundred scabies jumping off cold brush and onto their  warm bodies (which converts a fisherman into a uterus holding a million scabies eggs)

5.      Bathing in an ice-cold mountain stream

6.      Living for the better part of a week with a psychopath who three days ago was your best buddy.

7.      Eating cold cellophane covered eggs with burnt toast (if you can retrieve it from the fire).

8.      Enjoying a nice evening rain and a soaked cold sleeping bag all night.

9.      Having a forest ranger tell you that you are camping in an illegal place and that you have too many fish in your possession.

10.  Enjoying the laughter of little children as they jump into the middle of the pool you were fishing and scaring the fish away. (Too bad I didn’t know the little bastards were coming or I would have thrown them in myself.)

So there you have it; the joys of fishing.

Let’s hope the following posts will redeem me for introducing you to these evil thoughts.

See you tomorrow.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS