4 youth with dog at mill pond


The mill pond was large,

and very still,

due to the old wooden dam,

that he stood on.


Parts of the dam,

had rotted due to age,

but he fished from it anyway.


Not expecting a trout,

to live in a quiet pond,

he fished half-heartedly.


However the fish struck the lure,

and was caught fast.


The next year,

he went back,

and the dam was gone,

along with the pond.


Then the stream below,

where so many fish,

had made his day,

had two additional,

man-made disasters.


The stream died,

three years after its mother,

– – –  the pond – – – ,

had died.


He was sad.


No notice for a memorial service,

appeared in any paper.



two local men were arrested,

for murder.


© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS