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 8 Time for Contemplation


The worms had always worked before,

but today the fish decided to like insects.


The farm had always been productive before,

but this year the flood had ruined the crops.


The wife had always been healthy before,

but lately appeared to be getting tired.


The cow had always given birth before,

but now seemed to be a little bit older.


The sheep had roamed the pasture before,

but without the dog it was difficult to herd them.


The tin roof always kept the rain out before,

but now it leaked just a bit here and there.


The winter was snowy and beautiful before,

but now it was just  bitter cold and windy.


The neighbors were always around before,

but now they spent their winters down south.


He never thought about such things before,

but now they often intruded on his mind.



© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS