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 12 The sober fisherman catchs the larger one


Grandpa took Johnny Fishing,

and while Johnny fished,

and wasn’t looking,

Grandpa took a little nip,

every once in a while.

Before the morning was done,

Johnny caught a nice pickerel,

Grandpa caught a little sunfish,

and then they went home.

Johnny held Gradpa’s hand,

as they walked the dirt path,

out of love – – – of course,

but also so that Grandpa,

would not tip over,

a little wobbly,

from the juice,

in the jug.

Grandpa made Johnny,

promise he wouldn’t tell,

Grandma about the jug,

that followed the boat,

all over the lake.

They had made a pact,

between each other,

and Johnny kept,

their secret,

even though,

Grandma knew,

about Grandpa.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS