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 22 Fishing Buddies


THE WOODLAND STREAM; A Tribute to a departed fishing companion, “RWJ”:

If there ever was any one setting that God made for all people it was the woodland stream, the brook that is nestled between steep slopes, jutting rock wall and, sometimes, sapling studded flats. The dark tannic water that flows silver over broken stone, amber in the pool below and mixed with shades of gold as it flows from the shade into a sunbathed meadow.

It makes no difference whether there is one or one hundred trout within its pools; the sounds are there, the solitude is there, and sometimes, a cherished companion, with whom you have spent the day – – – – is there.


To the busy person, it is an opportunity to relax,

to the relaxed person, it is an opportunity to be busy,


To the poor person, fantasies – – – if only he were rich,

to the rich person, fantasies – – – if only his responsibilities vanished,


To the child, his dreams, if only he were an adult,

to the adult, his dreams, if only he were a child again,


To the old, memories of past trips and companions,

to the young, plans of future trips and companions,


To the troubled, answers to problems appear,

to the placid, questions about life arise – – – unexpectedly,


To the agnostic, a “thank you” to an unknown creator,

to the religious, a “thank you” to the same being,


To good leaders, fond thoughts of loyal followers,

to loyal followers, faithful trust in good leaders,


To me, the many things I wonder if you ever dream of,

to you, the same things that you wonder if I ever dream of.


No one pastime and its surroundings can evoke such commonality and instantaneous understanding between two opposite personalities and backgrounds as the stream.


Enjoy it now. Saturate your memory with each detail, every venture, every stream, every pool and run. For, the sad part is, your grandchildren will beg you to tell them of things that they may never have the opportunity to experience.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS