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 24 Fighting the fish and the current


It was their lucky day,

I mean really very lucky,

for more reasons than one.


They were not looking forward,

to that big long canoe carry,

around that slippery cliff,

but that was what they,

were faced with.


So they talked it over,

for quite some time,

debating whether,

once they finished,

the carry and,

their fishing,

whether – -,

whether – ,

they would,

shoot the,



It could be fun and good ride,

in addition they wouldn’t,

have to carry the canoe,

back down the cliff.


So they contemplated,

this decision,

and before,

a decision,

was made,

it was





When they reached the hole,

at the bottom of those falls,

where the fish had collected, 

a large brookie was caught,

then a monster brown,

and a rainbow trout,

that definitely,

didn’t belong,

in that hole.


And best of all they stayed dry,

they didn’t get dumped,

out of their canoe,

and into,




They talked about,

that eventful day,

to anyone who,

would listen.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS