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 27 Fisherman's Delight


Sometimes he just wants to fish in the still waters.


He doesn’t want to bother with the boots and accoutrements.

He doesn’t want to invade the resting places of his adversary.

He doesn’t need the excitement of fighting a fish.

And just when his mind is made up,

and he wants to let the fly float in peace,

the fish has other ideas.

The fish has watched this fisherman,

walk up and down the banks of the river,

or wade out into the swift water.

The fish knows the man’s every move,

and recognizes his need for quiet,

so it is the fish’s turn to beleaguer the man.

With great joy the fish takes the man’s fly,

and swims around and around the still water,

and smiles at the fact that the tide has turned.

Finally – – – after he has tired the man out,

the fish is held high  – – – in the esteem he so wished to have,

the man smiles at the fish – – – the fish smiles at the man,

and they depart each other’s company in good stead.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS