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31 Pine Creek

 Oh – – – I am sure,

there is a Pine Creek,

in every state and every country,

and probably in every language – if my guess is right.


However – – – this one is in the territory,

that William Penn established,

after befriending the Lenapes.


Old Bill was a very peaceful man,

and that peacefulness remains,

in the streams and rivers,

until this very day.


Pine Creek Canyon is 1,400 feet deep,

and almost one mile wide,

the creek though,

is much,



And the trout enjoy the shadows,

that the cliffs throw over,

the cool water.


That man enjoys fishing there,

because it is remote,

and fishermen,

are scarce.


Poor old Billy Penn,

probably never got to see,

this beautiful and remote canyon,

because he was too busy attempting,

to keep the English, Dutch and Swedish,

part of the commonwealth that he had founded.


They departed his company,

and founded the commonwealth of Delaware,

Billy formed the City of Brotherly Love with other Quakers.


Old Bill – – – if he is looking down,

on his city at this very moment,

is probably wondering – – – ,

“Where has the love gone?”


And those English, Dutch and Swedes,

never realized that they could have belonged,

to the beautiful state that holds Pine Creek within,

its wide borders and hemlock forests full of deer and fish.


And they probably missed the headwaters,

of the beautiful streams and rivers,

that join together to form,

the Delaware River,

both branches,

in New York.




© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS