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If I really hated dog and cat food I would not be posting this!

This, that, - - - and the other thing

An old and decrepit man has written fifteen books; some of them interesting and others even more interesting. They include dichotomies of the mind and other unusual and twisted stories. There are very nice stories about the Adirondack Mountains in the 1850’s and scary stories about the Adirondack Mountains in a more current age. There are stories about unknown people and criminals, poets and kings and would-be kings. And there are stories about young boys growing up on the Susquehanna River.

So if you wish to keep an old man out of “THE HOME” please purchase each and every one of his fifteen (Soon to be sixteen) books. This, indeed, will not test your bank accounts because none of them cost more than $3.99 and many of them are far less. A really good buy for those of you who need to be entertained during these winter months. Please pay no attention to…

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