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This piece is about “Fishing Nots.”

No – – – not “Fishing Knots,”

but rather “fishing nots,”

what “not” to do when,

going fishing.

And in the above image,

you see the first “not,”

do not scare fish.

I know – – – know,

he has not intentionally

scared all the fish in this,

pool – – – but he certainly has,

inadvertently completed the act.

And the other fisherman in the image,

is thinking exactly what I would be thinking,


It really doesn’t matter,

either way he has spooked the fish,

and they won’t be biting for the remainder,

of this beautiful sunlit day in the Rocky Mountains.

Now here is another “not” for you,

do not leave your sandwich wrappers,

on the side of the stream or beside your car.

And while we are discussing fishing “nots”,

don’t ever – – – never ever – – – damage,

a fence  – – – intentionally or not,

the sheep that you don’t see,

will surely discover,

the hole to escape.

There are other things that you brought in,

to the stream – so as to take nourishment,

hard candy, beer, candy bars, cigars,

put the wrappers and containers,

when they are used and empty,

in your pocket or creel,

nobody else is,


in your,


So that is all of the “nots,”

that I care to post in this little,

missive – – – not about fishing knots,

but partially about those “fishing nots,”

that neither, nor, none, and nary a one,

of us should engage in or even contemplate.

Not Knot

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS