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Fishing under a big sky


Whew – – – that was rather taxing.

This is the tenth and very last picture of fishing lakes and streams with that big dome in the background.

I was running out of words.

See that young fellow wading around out there? Pretty clever guy.

His friend wanted to build a dock – – – and he did so.

But not that dock.

The other dock is long gone. You see – – – his friend built it on stakes pounded into the lake bed. And then he built his dock on that. The following spring the snow and ice caps melted off of big dome and the lake rose two feet. It tore his dock right off the stakes and completely ruined it.

So this fellow, the one in the red checkered shirt that is attempting to fool the fish, he told the other fellow with the ruined dock “I have an idea.”

And the ruined dock fellow says “Do tell.”

Then checkered shirt guy says “We can build a dock that is attached at the shore line with hinges. The outer end will float on barrels. We can put stakes inside the dock to keep it from twisting but we won’t attach them to the dock. Then when the lake rises the outer end will rise and fall with the lake level.”

And they did so together. Became good friends in the process. Had a beer together when they finished.

I am not sure if the beer was meant to bond the friendship or just to quench the thirst. It really doesn’t matter. Probably did both.

And even I got something out of the process. That dock made me change my dealings with other people.

“Do tell” you ask.

Well – – – I was like that stiff dock. When the tempers rose, like the lake, I would remain adamant and would not budge. It didn’t work out most of the time. Now I stay grounded in my base opinions but allow others to raise or lower my outlook.

I used to get destroyed in most opinionated discussions. But now people realize I am listening and am willing to change.

Guess what! They also change their opinions once they realize we are having a discussion and not an argument.

Go figure.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS