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The bull and the judge


Here we find Judge Applebee,

without his robes that lend him,

that aura of grandeur and power,

or those trappings of the courtroom,

the bailiff, the stenographer and gavel.

It is a simple dumb beast,

that finally lets the world,

and all his good friends,

see the judge for what he is,

a simple dumb beast,

like the rest of us.

Once he is free of,

the awful situation,

that confronts him,

he will laugh and joke,

about it with his friends.

And then Judge Applebee,

will swear his lawyer friends,

to secrecy – – – so as not to,

diminish his standing in,

the small community,

 that he dwells in.

And they all swear to him,

by the power of their Orvis rods,

never to speak of this moment again,

and then like good legal bar members,

they wink and allow a small grin to escape.

And on Monday – – – Judge Applebee,

dons his robes and assumes the power,

while his lawyer friends execute the law,

to the best of their ability and cunningness,

the police chief’s secret squeeze get off,

for driving while imbibing,

and other infractions.

While dirt-poor Henry Bopkins gets a free week,

at the expense of the citizens of the village,

for stealing a few Guinea-Hens to make,

some nice fishing flies for next season,

which the judge surely will,

 purchase from him.

Word gets out about Judge Applebee,

and the dumb beast that challenged him,

to a duel – – – which the beast won.

The whole town and Henry have heard,

the stories – – – and the price of Henry’s,

Guinea-Hen fishing flies triples for the judge,

as Henry winks and reminds the judge,

of his loss of stature to the dumb beast,

and also about finding,

the chief’s concubine,

“Innocent of all charges.”

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS