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Innocent Chicanery


Three people with nothing to do,

one older man who skipped work,

and two young boys who skippped school.

The boys tossing rocks in the water,

and the man quite unaware due to,

that empty gallon jug – to his rear.

It was so satisfying to skip work,

boss thought he was out selling,

various things to chew on,

such as gum and tobacco.

But he was chewing on thoughts,

about the day he would get,

a better job – and rich besides,

until the stuff that once resided,

in the gallon jug – to his rear,

had been completely consumed.

The two boys however,

had no thoughts of riches,

or ambition – or algebra,

their thoughts consisted of,

purchasing some chewing gum,

or – on a dare – chewing tobacco.

When they saw the salesman,

leaving Mrs. Whipples store,

they saw a chance to pilfer,

some chewing stuff from him.

But to their glee,

they caught him fishing,

and found more to their liking,

an engagement of chicanery.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS