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A little help please


That day there was chaos at the chasm,

for a week – at the bit – they were chafing,

to head up north for a week at the chalet,

on enthusiasm this incident should be chalked.

Fishing appeared to be a game of chance,

however the outcome was simply charity,

bestowed on humans by The Chancellor,

to be told in various bars; as a chanson.

This scene soon became a wild charade,

as both men succumbed to chauvinistic,

hubris which lead them to take chances,

which resulted in a dunking and chill.

The story was overly honed and chiseled,

perfected, enhanced and choreographed,

’til it was modified into a legend; chromatic,

a unique, imaginative and glorious chimera.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS