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The tannic waters of the Adirondacks,

have various sources – – – according to,

various sources.

Some say it is caused by the leaves,

of hardwoods and shedding tamarack,

and blame the trees.

Others say it is caused by leaching,

of iron ore found in various parts,

of these North Woods.

The brook trout don’t really care,

who-says-what, about the dark water,

they simply absorb it.

Except for those white streaks,

on the bottom of their,

little fins.

And the blue spots that also have,

a pink aura surrounding them,

here and there.

And when they are caught,

they make your line hum,

like a fiddlers bow.

And the dark brooding waters,

bring a log to rest on a rock,

for friendship.

The rock can not move,

and is lonely – so the log,

comes to him.

But just for a year or so,

because leaves are turning,

and the water freezes.

In the springtime the log,

will seek a new friendship,


The stoic rock hopes to find,

a new log – a new friend.

probably so.

And the young man returns,

to say hello to the rock,

and its new log.

And hopes to feel the tremor,

of  the fiddlers bow on his line,

once again.

The water remains dark,

the brookie remains bright,

the boy remains hopeful,

the rock remains stoic,

the log remains fickle.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS