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This series is going to be a bit different; and to some of you – – – repetitive.

Allow me to explain.

I became all upset, discombobulated, disquieted and some may even say deranged. It was all about something that occurred between WordPress and one of my blogs. But we will leave that subject as a lover’s spat and will not bother rehashing it all over again.

So when WordPress did that awful thing to me I said – – – well – – – there are other fish in the ocean. I decided to become intimate with another software blog site.

It was glorious!

I blogged it until I could blog no more. And it whispered sweet nothings in my ear. It told me about people in Russia and Korea and Argentina and many other places that were interested in my blogging moves.

But alas. There was little communication. How can two beings stay connected if there are no intimate communications? Love is more than just blogging each other’s heads off – – – although there is much to be said about that. But not here; it is neither the time nor the place.

So allow me to continue my story as to why this new series of posts.

Some of my blogging moves were so great (over there at the other residence which shall remain nameless and unidentifiable) that I shared a few here and there. Mostly on another WordPress blog where I engage in wild crazy jungle  posts; very base subjects at times.

So if any of you had peered into the windows of that blog you would have already seen some of the posts that will follow. My apologies to those of you.

Here is the way I started each post. It sort of explains the idea behind the posts.

As I Wander Introduction 2

With all that out of the way I proceed to the first post.

Scranton Rail Yards

Yes, that is me up there above the Scranton, Pennsylvania railroad yard photo.

No, I don’t have a high opinion of myself.

The halo is because I no longer reside on this earth. I departed (happily I may say) quite a few years ago.

My only wish, now, is to share some old photos and thoughts with you.

So here is the first one; photo and thought that is.

This is the large rail yard in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I handles all sorts of traffic but mostly coal. You see, coal was the lifeblood of Scranton in 1900. Oh yes, there were other products but most of them were being shipped INTO Scranton so that the miners could dig the coal from the earth.

I was passing through. I just hopped a freight car from New York City. New York was a horrible place; gangs and Tammany Hall – – – not necessarily two separate things. I had my last few dollars tucked away in the canvas pants I was wearing.

Canvas pants were a necessity for my last job; brick laying.

But as I was saying, I hopped a freight car out of New York City and found myself in this rail yard.

“This must be a booming place” I thought to myself; and so I hopped off and started looking for work.

I found a job right away.

You see – – – a rail yard detective saw me jump off the rail car and nabbed me by the back of my shirt. He was a bit surprised that I did not fight with him.

“Hey big fella” he says to me, “I expected a fellow your size to give me a bit of a tussle!”

“Nope, I was in the wrong” I responded, “So what is my punishment?”

“Same as mine” he says. “You now have a job as a railroad Dick.”

And that is how I ended up in Scranton.

©W. Tomosky