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Boy oh boy, does that Bugdon Yelcovich know everything? I am beginning to wonder about him.

Yesterday we were talking about the best rifles to hunt deer and squirrels with. The Pennsylvania Long Rifle was the most discussed.

Penn Long RIfle

It is a beautifully made rife. Originated in Lancaster County but Bethlehem has a competing model.
Other Penn Rifles
Today Bogdan handed me an old newsprint magazine.
This is what it said about the armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. 
They make the Springfield Rifled Musket.
Springfield armory and blacksmith shop

Springfield armory and other shops
This Harper’s Magazine had much more to say than these few woodcuts show. Maybe we can talk more about it sometime in the future.

Bogdan Yelcovich and I entered into a long “discussion” about which was better; the Pennsylvania Long Rifle or the Springfield “rifled” musket. 

Bogdan invited me to the next Pennsylvania Militia target exercise. He was right. The Springfield Rifled Military Rifle was more accurate – – – consistently.

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