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It was one of the few times I returned to New York City.

The reason was not my doing. And it wasn’t Bogdan Yelcovich’s either; well, not directly.

However, I was introduced to a different part of the world than I am used to.

White Star with tugs

No, I am not speaking of my wanderlust. I am speaking of a steamship passenger.

White Star old poster

Word got out that I was heading to New York City.  There were two ladies, one from Scranton and another from Binghamton, who desperately needed to get their letters to that passenger. All I could imagine was some sort of tryst.

But that was not the case. It appears that this special passenger, once aboard the ship, was no longer able to receive mail. Whatever he would receive required hand-carried delivery.

That was my task.

The gentleman who I was to deliver the letters to was Lewis Freeman Mott.

I am not at liberty to say who the two ladies were.

White Star Lewis Freeman Mott

Now this Mott fellow was happily married so that ruled out the tryst. It appears as though he was very important in the “Dante Society.”

White Star Dante Society

Mott, being an influential fellow on the subject, was going to make a presentation in Italy on Dante Alighieri’s famous piece of literature; “The Divine Comedy.”

White Star Dante Aleghieri

Mott was also prepared to give additional presentations. These presentations would be on the work of the two ladies; from Scranton and Binghamton respectively.

The emergency delivery was for their most recent updates to their work. They wanted Mott to have perfect manuscripts to present from.

It seems (at least to me) as though everyone and his brother had previously visited the topic; but what do I know.

White Star Guido

All this was pretty hot stuff.

White Star Guido in words

Or if they had not commented – – – then they were mentioned in the works.

White Star Virgil

However, Mott had written a short treatise on the subject that was hot off the presses.

White Star Motts Book Cover

A copy was given to Harvard.

White Star copy to Harvard

Mott was a professor who gave the underdog a chance to be heard.

White Star Motts words on Burroughs

White Star Burroughs Photo

Bourroughs was cited in various magazines.

White Star Black Magazine

So I personally delivered the letters to Professor Mott. He thanked me and offered me some currency but I had to refuse.

My payment had already been made when I was introduced to this new part of the world.

As I Wander Introduction 2

©W. Tomosky