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I owe you an apology.
I missed something while I was in Florida.
Royal from Savannah told me to stop and visit Cap’n Dudley on my way back to Scranton. However, the railroad schedules were not treating me kindly.
On top of that, I was even closer. When Jim McFee, Bogdan Yelcovich and I visited “Brown’s Landing” the Captain’s farm was only a short distance away.
So I missed the opportunity on two occasions.
However Royal was kind enough to cut some pictures out of the Savannah paper and mail them to me. Therefore, in respect for Royal’s kindness, I will now share them with you.

Dudley Photo

Dudley Family Photo

Dudley Cotton Receipt

Dudley Mrs Quilt

Dudley Syrup Shed

Dudley Plowing

So that is it. That is all that Royal sent me. I guess I will have to rely on that old saw “Better late than never.”


I think I owe you more than that old saw.

There is nothing like a visual pun!  Sorry.

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