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Yes-a-ree-Bob, that’s correct.

We are visiting both of the Susquehannas today.

Susq Who is We

“We” is you, Bogdan Yelcovich, Jim McFee and I.

However, Bogdan and Jim will remain silent – – – I hope.

So here we go.

Bogdan?  You had a question? Sure; I can answer that.

The city and the river; yes – – – we are visiting both the city of Susquehanna and the river named The Susquehanna.

First of all I should tell you how old the city is.

Susq How old is it Wally

It is so old that it was once called a depot; a railroad depot where the engines and cars were repaired. In fact you and I have discussed this before; twice.

Once when we discussed Harmony and the other time when we looked at the Starucca Viaduct.

Susq Not another RR story

No more railroad stories – – – well not today anyway. I just wanted to put you in the correct geographical and time perspectives. You know – – – that “time, space, continuum thing.”

But if you wish you can see the old rail yard between the city and the river.

Susq map

And all that activity drew in several businesses.

Susq List

A great building was built where the Railroad Engines could be worked on.

Susq Train Shop

Susq Cmon no mor RR Stories

OK, OK.  Sorry. I just thought it was a great rendering and of much interest. Holy cow, you interrupt more than Bogdan and Jim.

Moving along with the story;

It was not all hustle and bustle. The river was a great place to spend a quiet day.

Susq painted scene

And to fish for shad – – – until they built several dams that kept the shad from running upstream.

Susq Icy River

There was a “Binghamton Shad Club” on the Susquehanna River way up in New York.

Up and down the valley were coal mines.

Susq Coal Yard

There was even a hat company – – – but it relocated to New York City.

As I Wander Introduction 2

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