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There are over 50 cigar factories in Binghamton.
Hull-Grummond corporation is one of the top producers.

They have expanded into the cigar box business.
This is one of the new-fangled cigar boxes that they are shipping all over the United States.

Bingo Cigar Tin

Binghamton also has a machine that builds cigars.

Bingo Cigar Machine Stocks

I have it on  good authority that there are over two hundred employees producing thousands of cigars every day. 
That means they are producing 100 million cigars annually.
They hold the title of second highest cigar producer in the country. Only New York City produces more cigars than Binghamton.

This is what a cigar rolling operation looks like.

Bingo Cigar Workers

Not that this cigar business is the only one in Binghamton. Remember the Johnson Family Shoe Business?

That started under another name – – –  in Binghamton also.

Too bad that the Lester Shoe Company didn’t know how to spell Binghamton.

The person who made the rendering must have been thinking “Long Island” instead of upstate New York.

Oh well. Nothing lost – – – except for a little geography.

Bingo Lester Shoe Company

Mr. Ezra Murphy was a photographer in Binghamton. He was born in New York City but operated a studio in Binghamton. I think his trademark was very artistic.

He took this picture.

Bingo Murphy Photograph

If you wonder how Binghamton became so busy just take a look at this. Two rivers and one canal; the Chenango River  on the left, the Susquehanna River on the right and the Utica to Binghamton Canal running down between them.

Bingo Old Map

However, those waterways may also work against Binghamton sometime in the future.

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