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That was one heck of a twisted caboose ride we made to Barclay Mountain.

From Scranton to Towanda and then twenty miles on a buckboard. OUCH.

One hundred and forty-four gravestones. That is all we found.

Other than several home foundations and a pile of burnt coal.

Barclay,  Pennsylvania, was a coal mining town. Coal was transported down the mountain by a gravity rail system.

Barclay Map

The cemetery still exists.

Barclay Cemetery

Barclay Cemetery2

Where did they come from?

Westport Co Mayo Ireland
Co Calway Ireland
Parish of Ballanakill Co Calway Ireland
Rustal Parish of Ballunakill Co. Calway Ireland
Parish of Balunakill Co. Calway Ireland
Kilkenny Ireland,
Rockhill Parish of Rockhill Co. Limerick Ireland
County Kerry, Ireland,
Parish of Kidino County Kildime Co. Limerick Ireland
Parish of Kildime Co. Limerick Ireland
Co. Clare Ireland
Parish of Killarney of Clare Co. Ireland
Co. Clare Ireland
Abbeyleix Queens Co. Ireland
Parish of Macleu– Co. Cauvlon Mackelstown Co. Carlon Ireland,
Native of the parish Ardinare Co. Waterlord (Ardmore Co. Waterford) Ireland
Native of Scotland
Native of Fifeshire
Albion Mines, Nova Scotia
Native of Scotland
Potstown, Pennsylvania


What happened to them?

Killed in the mines
Died in Barclay
Returned to Nova Scotia
Returned to Potstown, Pennsylvania
Formed an Irish diaspora


How old were they when they died?

11 days old to 75 years old


However interesting this may or may not be, I am sure there will be ghost towns in the future; just like there have been in the past.

– – – –  like the following two.

Go ahead; play them both at the same time – – – if you dare!

Or in the past with the future included.

As I Wander Introduction 2

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