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Just like Roebling’s bridges, these have to be seen with a minimum of discussion.

Therefore I will remain quiet.

App boys photo

These young people had to pay $15 to $25 for an apprenticeship position.

App girl on drill press

This young lady was learning how to repair airplane parts.

App military service poster

Even the Army Engineers needed apprentices.

App ship shop

A room aboard the ship Balclutha where the apprentice brass binders worked.

App cigar rollers

A very young apprentice cigar roller. I wonder if he worked in Binghamton?

App toolmaker

An apprentice machinist on a lathe.

App pay to play

These apprentices also had to pay to learn.

App seaman

An apprentice seaman.

App shoemaker

An apprentice shoemaker. I think we meet this lad. He worked for the Johnsons.

App toolmaker 2

An apprentice toolmaker under the Master’s watchful eye for four years.
App old chart

The three levels of apprenticeship:




But not all apprenticeships were fun and games:

As I Wander Introduction 2

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