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Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida is a soldier of the Buenos Aires Army.

He comes from the family of the Argentine lawyer and politician Francisco Narciso de Laprida.

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Francisco Narciso de Laprida died of murder on September 22, 1829. Francisco was a representative for San Juan and its president on July 9, 1816. Francisco aided in ushering in the Independence of Argentina.

Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida, the son of Francisco, fought in the battles of Cepeda in 1859, Pavón in 1861, and Los Corrales in 1880.

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Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida now suffers at home of pulmonary congestion.

That home will become the birthplace of many words, formed into a variety of shapes; all from the mind of Jorge Luis Borges.

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However – – -, do you see how I get ahead of the story?

The words are not yet born.

They have to be massaged;

and messaged in various intentional but convoluted ways.

They are to be the product of history: past and future. The words sat unused – – – for decades – – – in a library. Great-Grandparents from Northumbria;

Norse and English ancestors recorded by Snori Sturluson; in Iceland.

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I have heard that he has recently been born.

Oh – – – how I wish to meet him; and to read his strange books.


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