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It was Jim McFee who started it all this time.

Jim brought some camera-pictures in to work. 

They were about fishing for shad.

So the rail yard almost came to a standstill while everyone gathered around to gawk at these pictures.

This fellow got a nice basketful.

Shad Man with basketfull

These fellows have their nets so full that they can hardly handle it.

Shad Net Line 1

I am not sure if this next picture is part of the same group or not.

Shad Net Line 2

Possibly this was originally a panoramic view.

Shad Net Line on shore

And look at this net full of shad.  Thank God the ladies were there to help.

Shad Net Line Ladies

Gunther finally had enough of the work stoppage and came out of his office in a rage.

Then he stopped to look at the pictures. He seemed really interested.

Maybe it was because he once sailed the oceans.

Now here is where Bogdan Yelcovich stuck in his two cents worth.

He told Gunther that he knew all about shad – – – well – – – he didn’t really say he “knew” about the shad but he acted like he did.

Gunther asked Bogdan what he knew about shad.

Bogdan said that when he went home for lunch he would bring some “shad stuff” back.

We were all anxious to see what he had up his sleeve.

When he returned he had a big picture frame under his arm and an envelope of “Bogdan Treasures.”

This was in the picture frame. Bogdan said it was a shad and that the fellow from Moosic had painted it.

Shad Picture

Then the envelope was opened and everyone already knew what was in there;

“Atlantic Monthlies.”

Shad Atlantic Monthly

Someone had written something about Indians and shad.

Shad Atlantic Montyly Story

Sounds like the missionaries got their comeuppance.

Some six-odd years later Atlantic Monthly decided to hold a “migrating fishes” discussion.

Shad Atlantic Monthly 2nd Cover

And then they continued with the disappearance of migrating fishes to point directly at the main cause; people building dams on all the rivers.

Shad Atlantic Monthly 3rd cover

We looked at one of those dams on the Susquehanna River that impeded the shad runs. Remember?     But that is a lot of words about shad. I sure wish Jim McFee had more pictures – – – or Bogdan.

This is all about “SHAD” with more pictures.

As I Wander Introduction 2

©W. Tomosky