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I know that if I would have titled this “Jay Gould” I would have had a lot more readers.
However, even though I will discuss Jay Gould, this post is about “Gouldie.”
Gouldie is Jay Gould. Not the one in the history of New York State but the one who lived next door to us.
But first there is a confession that needs to be confessed.
I have the hiccups. I have not had the hiccups in sixty-one years. The last time I had them I was fourteen years old. I had visited the “Polish Community Center” where they served beer to anyone who eye’s were higher than the bar edge.
I got served. I got drunk. I got the hiccups.
So now I have the hiccups and you know what condition I am in.
But the story must continue.
There were two Jay Goulds.
The one that lived next door to us and the one who lived fifty years prior.
In his remembrance please allow me to define the one who lived next door to us.
He was a lover of life.
He loved to tweak the noses of authority.
He hated working for others.
He loved people.
Need I say more?
A typical “Gouldie” trick was to tell the game warden that he had caught several bass and they were in his bucket.
Now, as both the game warden and Jay Gould well knew, bass were out of season.
So the game warden hiked up his pantaloons and crossed the river to catch Jay Gould at fishing for bass ahead of the season.
And the game warden inspected the bucket. And there were the bass. But they were “Rock Bass” for which it was always open season.
The game warden was really upset and wished that he could find a way to put “My” Jay Gould into prison.
It was not going to happen.
Now the other “Jay Gould” was another story altogether.

Gouldie Galaxy Cover Story

So one Jay Gould was a lover of life and the other was a lover of GOLD.

And there is not much more that I can say to clarify the difference.

However, listen to this and make up your own mind.

I have an appointment at the Polish Community Center.

Nothing ever told the truth about Jay Gould until the movie “Saratoga Trunk” showed the violence for control of the railroad between Binghamton and Saratoga. And the battle of men at Tunnel, New York.

But now everyone only remembers it as a love story.

Oh well. So much for manhood.



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©W. Tomosky