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I was so lucky to get this job with the Scranton rail yard.

One of the benefits was to travel anywhere I chose; for free.

And in every city that I visit I find paper barons and paper hawkers.

Little street urchins like these in Hartford, Connecticut.

Paper Hartford urchins

And these wise-guys playing craps with their hard-earned  money in Manhattan.

Paper Manhattan Urchins

Yet if we look hard enough we see some sensitivity in these little rascals.

Paper Century Christmas Issue 1891

Paper Century Article

Including these well dressed ones in St. Louis.

Paper St Louis Urchins

And of course these from the tenements of the East Side of New York.

Paper East Side urchins

Or the Bowery.

Paper Bowery urchins

And Chicago.

paper Chicago Urchins

But these little vice-presidents of newspaper distribution taught the big boys how to play hard ball.










As I Wander Introduction 2

©W. Tomosky