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In 1893 an awful thing occurred.

An insane woman was taken to trial for poisoning and shooting her two children.


Waring NY Times


The trial record confirms this act.


Waring Court Doc 1


On July 28th, 1893, the Honorable Frederick Smythe and a jury hear testimony surrounding the tragedy.  A young boy, his father, several doctors and a janitor are the witnesses.

Fannie Korn is the perpetrator and Edwin is the only survivor with any form of sanity remaining.


Waring Court doc 2


And so they interrogate poor Edwin on the stand. Not a good thing for an eleven year old boy to endure.

They ask him about the liquid creosote that was used as poison.


Waring Court doc 3


The court asks Edwin about his mother’s strange behavior; the moving from city to city.


Waring Court doc 4


They then asked the doctor to give his explanation of Mrs. Korn’s condition.


Waring Court Doc 5


The court decided not to go any farther and had Mrs. Korn committed.

And the case was closed.


Waring Court doc 6


Or was it? What happened eighty years later? What would shake this whole case to the core?

At the end of this transcript is a note that would indicate that Edwin Waring may not have been as innocent as his testimony indicated.

Was he an intelligent lad or was he a disturbed lad or was he covering for his mother?


Waring Court Doc 7


So on the seventh of November, 1970, Edwin Waring, an old man of eighty-eight years by this time, was convicted of poisoning his entire family which consisted of 48 people. He also admitted to the poisoning of his little sister Florence.

No one – – – as yet – – – has found the case of Edwin Waring poisoning his entire family.

Is it a hoax?

If so, how was the inscription at the bottom of the case entered?

Was it a hoax perpetrated by a disturbed person that somehow had access to the archives?

Was it Edwin himself that found a way into the archives and added the note.

Was he attempting to exonerate his mother?

Or was it a family member who read about Fannie Korn on some “ancestry” site and could not face the truth?

Who knows of Edwin Waring? No entry of a family mass murder of this size and type has ever been recorded.

What is the truth about the Waring Tragedy?



Hey  you, hey you
Devil's little sister
Listening  to your
Twisted  transistor Hold it between your legs
Turn  it up, turn it up
The wind is coming  through
Can't get  enough A lonely life
Where no one understands you
But don't give up
Because the music do Music  do, music do
Music do, music  do
Music do, music  do Because the music  do
And then it's  reaching
Inside you
Forever preaching "Frig you too!"
Your  scream's a whisper
Hang on  you
Twisted  transistor Hey you, hey  you
Finally you get it
The world ain't fair
Eat you if you let it And  as your tears fall on
Your breasts, your dress
Vibrations coming  through
You're in a  mess A lonely life
Where no one understands you.

NOTE:  My deepest thanks to the John Jay Criminal College Library for the reels of microfilm used in this post.

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