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Gunther came out of his perch to join us for lunch today.

We were talking about the “USS Galena” and Gunther asked if we knew who Treadwell was.

Of course we didn’t and Bogdan thought maybe if we knew his first name it would come to one of us. So he asked Gunther “Treadwell who?”

And Gunther answered “Daniel Treadwell the inventor.”

None of us had ever heard of him.

Gunther told us that this Treadwell fellow had invented the modern canon and several improvements to the firing mechanisms for canons.

Later that week Bogdan brings in this article from one of his news rags.

Treadwell open 1


Treadwell open 2


Bogdan even had the announcement of Treadwell’s patent number 37,017.


Treadwell open 3


As it turns out, someone in England decided to claim that he was the inventor of Treadwell’s canon process.

Treadwell had documented his work quite well. The interloper was set straight.

Treadwell Open 4


Of course Treadwell was not without error.


Treadwell open 5


Maybe it was just a typesetting error in the “proceedings” of the AAAS.

Steam engines were coming into play and Treadwell’s calculations were quite important to the construction of the boilers that prepared the water into steam.


Treadwell Steam Engines


Look at this old note that Bogdan had in his hands. Someone wanted to make a railroad engine into a watch. 

If he could see us now!


Treadwell Railroad Spring Idea


Some clever fellows can make steam engines out of anything.





However; steam boilers can be dangerous things.



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