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The tiny village of Hornby was new.

It was land purchased from the Oneida and Tuscarora natives. Many of the Oneida remained in the area until about 1812.

That means that a young boy born in 1802 had plenty of time for exposure to these natives.

Then Hornby became “Greene, New York.”

Hornby Greene Map

Along with the new name came cultural changes, legal changes, technological changes and political changes.

Hornby Canal

The young boy saw great opportunity in those changes.

He wanted to be part of those changes.

So he set  out his course in life.

Hornby Birdsall Picture

The young boy became a lawyer and a politician.

But New York State lacked excitement and opportunity.


Hornby Houston Letter



Hornby Houstons Picture

The new Republic of Texas had both excitement and opportunity.

The young lawyer who had a future in New York decided that he wanted to see where he fit within this new republic.

He fit very well.


Hornby Birdsalls Offices Held


Just three years after the Alamo, two years of being the Attorney General for the Republic of Texas, and one year after being appointed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas this young man died of yellow fever.







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