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There we all were, standing around the railroad yard waiting for direction from Gunther.

Bogdan said the most important person in the world was the musician.

I said it was the writer.

Jim said it was the artist.

Someone else – – – I don’t remember who – – – said it was the mother; now who can argue against that?

Gunther came down from his perch to give us some direction. He listened to our conversation for a few minutes and then pronounced that the most important person in the world was the one who put the toilet paper in the rest rooms.

Then he told us to get back to work and gave each of us specific directions.

Boy – – – that Gunther sure can get to the point of an argument in a hurry – – – and he is almost always correct with his point; as he surely was in this case.

The next day Bogdan brought in this newspaper to prove his point.

Music American Review


Apparently the German people would agree with Bogdan.

The following fellows think that an American in Paris is the most important one.




As I Wander Introduction 2

©W. Tomosky