“Hey Ahb!  I heard that you got a promotion to 1st Lui-tenent in Ghengis’ cavalry.”

“That’s right Khas.  It’s a great job. New horse. New weapons. New crew.”

“Congratulations!  Who’s in your new crew?”

“What do ya wanta know that for? You’re just being nosey.”

“No Ahb. What if I meet one of them on the silk road? I want to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with him.”

“Well – – – alright. I’ll tell you. Hu’s riding first sword.”

“Yes. That’s what I want to know. Who’s riding first sword.”

“I just told you.  Hu’s riding first sword.”

“What is this? A big secret now that you have been promoted?”

“No. I don’t have any secrets.”

“Well then tell me who’s riding first sword.”

“Aren’t you listening? I just told you.”

“Errrrrgrrr. Sheesh. Well then tell me who is riding second sword.”

“Will you stop getting things mixed up. I just told you Hu is riding first sword. Rhi Pete is riding second sword.”

“Repeat please?”

“Yes. That’s correct. Now your getting the idea. Rhi Pete.”

“EEEeeeeeesh. Why don’t you just tell me who your crew is? That is all I want to know.”

“That’s what I am attempting to do but you’re not paying attention.”

“OK. OK.  Well then who is riding mace position?”

“Ah Ghen.”

“I asked who is riding mace position.”

“Ah Ghen.”

“I just want to know who is riding mace position.”

“You got wax in your ears?  I just told you – – – Ah Ghen.”

“You didn’t tell me again. You haven’t even told me in the first place.”

“I did. I told you that Hu is in first place.”


“Yes. That’s right. Hu.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about anymore.”

“I didn’t mention Hwatt. How did you know he was on my new crew? Are you spying on me?”


“Yes. Hwatt. How did you know he was on the crew?”

“Errrrggghggggrrrr. Gheesh. OK. I give up. Lets just talk about who is riding halberd position.”

“Hu is not riding halberd position. He rides first position.”

“Hee rides first position? I thought you just told me Hu rides first position.”

“That’s right.”

“Just tell me about halberd position.”

“Halberd position?  OK, lets see – – – Hwuns Mhoor.”

“I asked who is riding halberd position.”

“No. Hu is riding first position and I have told you Hwuns Mhoor is riding halberd position.”

“You haven’t even told me once who is riding halberd.”

“Now you’ve got it. Hwuns is riding halberd.”

“OK. Well it is nice to know who your crew is. Thanks a lot.”

“Why do you want me to thank Ah Lhatt?”

“Say ‘goodnight’ Ahb Bhut.”

“Goodnight and goodbye and good riddance Khas Thello.”


As I Wander Introduction 2

©W. Tomosky